Mitsubishi Commercial PUYA12NHA4 PKAA12KA4 Mr. Slim


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Product Details
Product Details

Mitsubishi PUY-A12NHA4 + PKA-A12KA4 Single Zone Mini Split Cooling Only System, Wall Mounted, Wireless Remote - 12,000 BTU

Mitsubishi's Mini-Split systems are some of the highest quality split style air conditioners on the market. Well renowned for incredible efficiency and reliability, the new Mr. Slim line of Mitsubishi Mini Splits represents the pinnacle of modern Mini-Split technology. The PKA/PUY-A12NHA4 Mini-Split air conditioner system is no different. This 12,000 BTU capacity cooling only system is an excellent addition to any home.

The incredible efficiency of Mitsubishi's Mini-Split systems will make their mark on not only the temperature of a home, but the homeowner's energy bills as well. The PKA/PUY-A12NHA4 system uses R410A refrigerant, a far more environmentally friendly and less polluting refrigerant. The indoor wall mounted units look great in any home, providing inconspicuous and effective air conditioning to any room. The outdoor unit is mountable on a wide variety of stands and wall mounts, making both placement and connections fast and easy. The Mitsubishi PKA/PUY-A12NHA4 Mini-Split system is truly one of the best investments a homeowner can make.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Cooling Only Wall Mounted System Features:
  • Complete Wall Mounted Mini Split System
  • 12,000 BTU Capacity
  • Incredibly High Manufacturing Standards
  • Renowned Mitsubishi Quality
  • Meets a Wide Variety of Air Quality Regulations

Mitsubishi System Technologies

Mitsubishi Electric delivers flexible and convenient cooling and heating solutions to almost any commercial, institutional or large residential application. Choose from small, quiet indoor and outdoor units that operate with the increased efficiency you need. Whether in a church, office building, school, nursing home, restaurant, retail store, or equipment room, the compact design of the indoor units make cooling and heating difficult spaces a breeze.

With wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, ceiling-suspended and horizontal ducted options, capacities of up to 42,000 Btu/h of cooling or heating performance and Hyper-Heating INVERTER P-Series technology that provides 100 percent heating capacity down to 5Ëš F, Mitsubishi Electric systems have the perfect solution for almost any building.


  • INVERTER TECHNOLOGY - You can enjoy high-speed cooling and heating and consistent delivery of comfort year-round.
  • QUIET OPERATION - You can hold a board meeting or teach a class in quiet comfort.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Installs quickly room by room with minimal interruption.
  • ZONE CONTROL - You can cool and heat only those spaces desired for maximum control and energy efficiency.
  • ADVANCED MICROPROCESSOR TECHNOLOGY - Built in electronics ensure efficient operation and maximum performance for optimum comfort.
  • LOW AMBIENT COOLING DOWN TO 0ËšF OUTDOORS (REQUIRES WIND BAFFLE) - This feature is perfect for computer network centers and telecom equipment rooms that need help to stay cool down to 0Ëš F outside.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY REFRIGERANT - Mitsubishi systems use R410A, an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Flexible Control

Convenient and efficient zone control means you can cool or heat only the spaces in use.You can even have single or dual controllers connected to one system.The controller does not even have to be in the space shared with the indoor unit. Features of the controller include a weekly timer, temperature range limiting, auto-off,expanded fault codes, and service call number display.

Installation Service and Maintenance Ease

The units use only three polarity sensitive wires plus a ground conductor run from the outdoor to the indoor unit, providing both power and communication connections.Two non-polar wires connect the indoor unit and wall-mounted controller.This wiring design helps avoid installation errors. An optional wireless remote controller kit is available for the ceiling-mounted indoor units.

Mitsubishi outdoor units are designed with easy service and maintenance in mind. Maintenance points are located behind easy-access panels to make installation and service effortless for a trained technician. Four-way piping access allows connection in four directions: front, rear, right and bottom (all PUY/PUZ models).

Redi-charged Systems

Mitsubishi outdoor units come with enough refrigerant to be installed 70 feet (PUY(Z)12-36) and up to 100 feet (PUY(Z)42) from the indoor units. Linesets can be run up to 100 feet from PUY(Z)12-18 outdoor units and 165 feet from PUY(Z)24-42 outdoor units when additional charge is added.

Thanks to unique design profiles and R410A refrigerant,these systems are easier to fit into any space. R410A is environmentally friendly with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Hot-start System

Heat pump systems use our hot-start technology to provide warmth from the beginning by ramping up fan speed as the coil warms. When you want warm air without annoying drafts, that’s what you’ll get.

Low Ambient Operation (PUY/PUZ)

The ability of these units to operate effectively in low temperatures,along with the addition of a low-ambient wind baffle accessory, allows for a space to be air-conditioned even when it is as low as 0Ëš F outside. This cooling ability is important when dealing with electronic equipment rooms, telecom substations, surveillance mechanical rooms, restaurant kitchens, fitness centers and more.

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Cooling Only Wall Mounted System Contents:
  • (1) PUY-A12NHA4 12,000 BTU Outdoor Condenser
  • (1) PKA-A12KA4 12,000 BTU Wall Mounted Indoor Unit
  • (1) MHK1 Wireless Remote Controller (SOLD SEPARATELY)
Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Cooling Only Wall Mounted System Warranty Information:
  • Parts Warranty: 5 years

To complete the PKA/PUY-A12NHA4 Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Cooling Only Wall Mounted System consider adding the following accessories that are required to complete every mini split system installation:

  • Line Set - efficiently double insulated tubing that transfers refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units
  • Drain Tubing - a tube that drains condensate from the indoor unit to the drain system or outside
  • Connecting Wire - provides power from an outdoor unit to the indoor units
  • Disconnect Box & Electrical Whip Kit - provides power for an outdoor unit
  • Condenser Plastic Pad (optional) - designed as a mounting base for an outdoor unit
  • Wall Bracket (optional) - in case you need to mount an outdoor unit on the wall

By adding the required accessories to the PKA/PUY-A12NHA4 Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Cooling Only Wall Mounted System you are receiving a complete solution completely ready for installation, so your contractor does not need to purchase required Mitsubishi accessories to finish the installation.

Product Specifications

Weight: 119.00 lb.
Total System Weight, (lbs): 35.25
Mitsubishi PUY-A12NHA4 Specifications:
Capacity, (BTU): 12000
Voltage: 208 / 230
Fuse Size, (A): 15
Minimum Amperage: 13
EER: 10.1
SEER: 15.2
Compressor RLA: 12
Compressor LRA: 14
Refrigerant Control: Linear Expansion Valve
Refrigerant Type: R410A
Refrigerant Charge, (lbs, oz): 2, 14
Sound Output, Speed Specific, (dB): 46
Width, (in): 31.5
Depth, (in): 13.875
Height, (in): 23.625
Weight, (lbs): 90
Parts Warranty: 5 Years
Compressor Warranty: 7 Years
Mitsubishi PKA-A12KA4 Specifications:
Capacity, (BTU): 12000
Cooling Power Consumption, (W): 1190
Cooling Output Range, (BTU): 6000 - 12000
Voltage: 208 / 230
Fuse Size, (A): 15
Minimum Amperage: 1
Airflow at Cooling, Speed Specific, Dry, (CFM): 320-370-425
Airflow at Cooling, Speed Specific, Wet, (CFM): 290-335-380
Moisture Removal, (Pints / hr): 2
Sound Output, Speed Specific, (dB): 36-40-43
Width, (in): 35.375
Depth, (in): 9.8125
Height, (in): 11.625
Suction Diameter, (in): 1/2
Discharge Diameter, (in): 1/4
Weight, (lbs): 29
Parts Warranty: 5 Years